Jinyoung Kim, Collage, 2022. Archive images of Gwacheon, Marzahn, Siemensstadt, and artist note.

Short film production bursary from Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery - Selected as a recipent.


May 1st - July 28th 2022
Resident artist @ ZK/U in Berlin, Germany

Selected Exhibition views
2019 Apparitions of Collective Disposition, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montreal, QC, Canada
2018 The Long Moment, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montréal, QC, Canada
2015 Genealogy of Stationary Objects, FoFA Gallery, Montréal, QC, Canada
2015 Obang, Maison de la culture frontenac, Montréal, QC, Canada
2015 Après le pont où se rencontrent les rivières, VU Photo, Québec City, QC, Canada
2014 Ignition 12, Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Montréal, QC, Canada

Recalling (Memory Machine)
2 Photographs
Desktop Video, 9:42 minutes, silent

Gwacheon Jugong Complex 1, 1981-2017

This project commemorates the demolition of Gwacheon Jugong Complex 1, where a childhood friend, H, and I grew up in. H lived in this complex from his birth until his first son was born. The desktop video "Recalling (Memory Machine)" documents a virtual walk taken using google map into the neighbourhood two years after its demolition was completed. The live satellite view shows the construction zone, while switched to a street view mode, it shows how it used to be. Such experience is purely visual, dry, and technical, while it resonates with memory. I was interested in the tension created when experiencing the technology with such a strong nostalgia and emotional charge.

Survival 101: In Case of Complete Disappearance
HD with sound, 14 minutes 43 seconds

The video documents a conversation between a family of three, in which they plan their survival in case of an apocalypse. The discussion revolves around an imaginary situation where they were the only human survivors of the situation and later encountered an unknown being. The production of this video has taken place between 2018 and 2019 in Gwacheon, South Korea, and Toronto, Canada. The post-production of this work was finished in Montréal in early 2020.

On-screen credits
Cinematography by Jinyoung Kim
Produced and directed by Jinyoung Kim
Production assistant Kevin Jung-Hoo Park

Performances by
Jinyoung Kim
Yongduk Kim
Eunsook Shin
Kevin Jung-Hoo Park

Sound recording by Young Chan Jin and Jinyoung Kim
Sound design and mixing by Christian Olsen

I acknowledge the generous support of

Leave me, don’t leave me 
HD with sound, 17 minutes 27 seconds

Distributed by Vidéographe

On-screen credits
Produced, directed and edited by Jinyoung Kim
Performed by Jinyoung Kim
Production Assistant Kevin Jung-Hoo Park
Cinematography Kevin Jung-Hoo Park
Sound Recordist Young Chan Jin
Sound Mix and Original Music Steve Bates
Music 내곁에서 떠나가지 말아요 (Please don’t leave me) ©1991 written by Kyung Hoon Han, performed by 빛과 소금 (Light and Salt)
English Translation Jinyoung Kim
French Translation Seeun Kim
Created with support from Canada Council for the Arts Milieux Institute

Last Night
40”x60” C-print